Richard is available for rewrites of existing scripts, adaptations and new projects, as well as development of his own scripts.  Below is a description of some of his adventures in screenwriting.


“Winkle,” was selected by the Austin Film Festival as a Semi-Finalist (top 50 scripts out of 4,000 submitted worldwide) and was also in the top 10% of the Nicholl Fellowship Competition, a Top Ten Finalist at the Creative World Awards, a Semi- Finalist in the StoryPros International Screenwriting Competition and received Third Place overall at the Downbeach Film Festival.

Winkle has also won accolades from other film festivals, producers, directors and screenwriters around the country.  For a short synopsis of the story, check out Richard’s Feature Scripts.  Stay tuned for more news on “Winkle” and where the script is heading …

“Bean Sprout”

Richard’s screenplay, “Bean Sprout” has already garnered several awards.  Like “Winkle”, “Bean Sprout” is a new twist on a classic story.  It was chosen by the Nicholl Fellowships for Screenwriting as a Quarter-Finalist (top 350 scripts out of 6,800 entries), as a “Second Rounder” at the Austin Film Festival (top 10% out of 5,800 entries), and as a Semi-Finalist at the Creative World Awards. For a short synopsis of the story, check out Richard’s Feature Scripts.

Short Screenplays

Richard’s short screenplay, “The Curfew” was made into a short film by filmmaker Ian Allen Lim after it won first place in the MoviePoet Short Screenplay Contest.  In addition, his short script, “The Last Day of Winter” was also made into a film by Landau Productions.  Most recently, Richard’s short screenplay adaptation of Herman Melville’s short story “Bartleby” has been doing the festival circuit where it won a “Director’s Citation” at the Black Maria Film FestivaL.

NJ Screenwriters Group

Richard is a proud member and former moderator of the NJ Screenwriters Group, which was begun by Chris Messineo in 1998.  To quote Chris:  “Writing is a solitary act. It can get very lonely putting words on a page day after day without any feedback. A Screenwriter’s Group exists to bring aspiring screenwriters together. As a group we share our scripts, as well as our experiences in the industry.  Our mission is to inspire each of us to become better writers.”  Richard can attest to the fact that he and every writer in the group thanks their lucky stars every day for finding this haven of support and creativity.

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