In a new twist on a classic American folk tale, workaholic dad Robert Van Winkle loses much more than his bearings when he goes on a family hike in the Catskill Mountains, only to embark on an urgent journey to reclaim his life, and discover that time is, indeed, a relative thing.


Please contact Richard if you would like a synopsis or a copy of the script.

Bean Sprout


A single mom and her 10-year-old daughter use a giant beanstalk to break the glass ceiling of the corporate coffee culture in the magical world of mid-town Manhattan.

Short Synopsis:

Please contact Richard if you would like a synopsis or a copy of the script.


Richard has adapted “Bartleby,” a screenplay based Herman Melville’s well-known story as part of a collaboration with abstract painter Gerard Amsellem. The short film, produced by New Waves Productions, was released on January 30, 2013 and shortly thereafter was awarded a “Director’s Citation” by the Black Maria Film Festival, made an Official Selection of the Garden State Film Festival and recently made an Official Selection of the Twin Rivers Film Festival in Asheville, NC. It will be appearing in film festivals in the United States and Europe. Stay tuned for more places you can see it.

Richard is also the author of “The Curfew,” a short screenplay which won first place in the MoviePoet Short Screenplay contest and was subsequently produced in Spanish and directed by Ian Allen Lim.


Richard and Gerard Amsellem are currently in pre-production for their next project, “When If Not Now,” an original story that takes a close look at the relationship of two brothers, one a painter, the other a filmmaker, and what happens when one unexpectedly dies.

Contact Richard to find out more about these and other scripts he is developing.  He loves to pitch his ideas!

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